Book giveaway

The good folks at The Romance Reviews are turning four this year, so Vagabondage Press will be giving away some copies of The Tradesman’s Entrance as part of the festivities.

In other news, has it REALLY been a year since I posted on here? Where does the time go?



Book Giveaway

Hola pussycatos!

I’m giving away a copy of The Zebra Striped Shirt as part of The Romance Reviews 3rd birthday bash, and the Q&A will appear tomorrow here.

It’s my first ever book giveaway, so fingers crossed that I’m doing this right. I guess, like anything, it gets better the more you do it…



TRR book giveaway

The lovely people at The Romance Reviews are hosting a 3rd birthday bash this March and I’ll be participating with a giveaway copy of The Zebra Striped Shirt.

Susan Mac Nicol gave Zebra a very kind review here.

My thanks again to Susan, and a very happy birthday to all at TRR.


TRR 3rd Birthday Poster

TRR 3rd Birthday Poster

The Zebra Striped Shirt


Book Release: M/M erotic romance with BDSM themes The Zebra Striped Shirt by Cameron Vale

New novel from Vagabondage Press

Vagabondage Press is proud to announce the release of THE ZEBRA STRIPED SHIRT, an intense, funny and thought-provoking gay erotic romance novel with BDSM themes by London author Cameron Vale.

In The Zebra Striped Shirt, Jon Ellerman is Master of all he surveys: a successful businessman and millionaire. The one thing he hasn’t learnt to control yet is himself. Bored on a routine European business trip, he unexpectedly finds himself on a collision course with Danny – the wild, uncontrollable enfant terrible of the Parisian fashion world. As the fire of attraction is lit, who will step in to stop everything spiralling out of control? If Jon cannot master himself, or Danny, who will?

THE ZEBRA STRIPED SHIRT is released on July 28, 2013 and will be available at all major online eBook retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Sony, and AllRomance, as well as on the Vagabondage Press website at

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This is my second book for Vagabondage Press. My first, a novelette called The Tradesman’s Entrance, was published back in 2011. It’s always exciting to be published, but it’s doubly so in the case of Zebra because it’s a story that’s dear to my heart. The initial draft took six months to write, but it’s taken six years to reach publication. In that time, I made some very good friends through writing this story, and was lucky to have a lot of encouragement to keep going with it. All I can say is a massive thank you to everyone who told me not to give up on it.

So, now to promotion. (Pours self stiff drink.) I’ll confess that I’m not a natural self-seller, but I realise that it has to be done. So, I’m dipping a toe in the water of book blogs, interviews, and giveaways. (Straps on pith helmet.)

Wish me luck!


Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel? 

Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel?

Can’t stop playing this. How wonderful for an ‘old skool’ band to come up with something as fresh, and as zeitgeist as this? 🙂

Yes, can still hear older influences like early Roxy Music, and the Psychedelic Furs in there, but lyrics like, “A final solution to teenage revolution”, brings the melting pot bang up to date.

Can’t wait to hear the album, and check out the full lyrics. I think guitarist Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) definitely gives them a new edge too.



Badly edited trailer, on the music front, but still an inspirational movie to me. Watched it at an impressionable age, and have watched again many times since. I’m always struck by the fact that I see it differently each time, and get something fresh from it that I can think about.

Everyone needs to breathe to live, but you can’t breathe in – or out – all your life.

Gotta mix it up, and explore the unknown in you. The reason I love ‘Performance’ is that it did it for me. It unlocked a few things in me, lead me to other things that unlocked me further, but I’m not expecting anyone else to like it, or get it. We’re all individuals, we’re all different.

Anyone who genuinely searches will find their own key. It shouldn’t come from anyone else. It’s a really personal thing that no one else can tell you.



Still testing t…

Still testing this site, but wanted to state upfront that the grunge texture background is by the ace Caleb Kimbrough, King of Texture. 🙂

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